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DESIGN : highlights from my visual design intuition and process over 20 years. NOTE : small image sizes are used to protect intellectual property rights—a selection of full size PORTFOLIO samples can be available in person at interview.

@sconecake trademark & packaging emblem
Sconecake Company my favorite coffee shop junk food disruptor needed exclusive graphic elements like this one for product branding.

Detail your new interface plans with medium‑fidelity mockups — convert legacy desktop for mobile access.

Deluxe Technicolor
Scheduling design discussion cycles to define UX specification documents among cross-functional teams.

the latest @sconecake company logo
The initial logo designs for my favorite coffee shop junk food disruptor Sconecake Company.

Creative—Exploring Color Interactivity and Dymanics
Develop proprietary color saturation techniques in oil painting — explore color dynamics and interactivity.

Deluxe Technicolor
Streamline the user experience + create a visual design system and navigation strategy — mask the complexity of merged legacy applications.

Wirefame Series
Construct initial wireframes to investigate Elite® IA patterns and spark stakeholder conversations.

Low‑Fidelity Wireframes
Low‑fidelity wireframes quickly demonstrate intended workflow upgrades for critical web systems.

Create the major presentation layer branding upgrades + UX re‑designs for business critical web systems.

MLA Creative Group. Design. Develop.
New logo and branding ID for the MLA Design + Development Service with elements of design process.

Rapsheets - Criminal Records
Design the web interface for a vital SaaS product, facilitating a dramatic revenue spike and acquisition appeal — company sold 6 months later.

Crosstrio - Content. Composition. Cross Media.
Lead the creative design effort — hi‑fidelity mockups + logo design + sales support printables.

Business to Business application.
Coordinate client stakeholder input then develop creative content — promotional animations + hi‑fidelity mockups for a series of co‑branded partner sites.

Original Photography
Design and produce all critical creative content for this volunteer neighborhood awareness site.

Pen and Ink
Artistic training instills a love of traditional visual arts media — especially for sketchy pencil drawings on heavy toothy paper.

Illustration Award : Biotech Bay
Detailed design proposals win the Illustration Award with the opportunity to develop original Biotech Bay branding imagery.

new ID emblem
Critical Care Transport at Cleveland Clinic requested a new ID emblem for safety committee members.

Traditional Print Media
My historical graphics industry experience, producing magazine comps — brochures — display ads — old world promotional media.

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