DESIGN section demonstrates my visual design intuition + process. NOTE : small sized-low resolution examples are displayed here to protect corporate confidentiality and intellectual property rights—a collection of full size PORTFOLIO samples can be available at interview.

new @sconecake logo
Sconecake Co. my favorite coffee shop junk food disruptor asked for a series of exclusive graphic elements like this one for product branding.

Detail your new interface plans with medium fidelity mockups to convert legacy desktop for mobile access.

MLA Creative Group. Design. Develop.
New logo and branding ID for the MLA Design + Development Service showing some original sketches in the design process.

new @sconecake logo
The initial logo designs for my favorite coffee shop junk food disruptor Sconecake Company.

Deluxe Technicolor
Penned a styleguide proposal for internal systems including high-res page design mockups — expanded UX skills and influence with wireframed guidelines on a mission critical Angular application.

UX‑UI role on this team of innovators required me to restructure user task-flow, to redesign every public interface based on my initial visual design and branding upgrade studies.

Original photography.
Enjoyed design and development responsibility for creative content — logo design, photography, video, print media and copywriting.

Crosstrio - Content. Composition. Cross Media.
A contract to coordinate creative design efforts — including hi‑fidelity site mockups, logo development and sales support printables.

Business to Business application.
Coordinated client stakeholder input to develop creative content, which included hi‑fidelity mockups for co‑branded partner sites and a Flash* promotional animation.

Dreamhouse Promo
In tight collaboration with the Mattel producer + graphics lead, I designed the Flash* interactivity model and coded the promotional features.

Rapsheets - Criminal Records
The Director knew my work from FedEx — hired me to design and build a user interface on top of the existing data engine — to include a B2B model for co-branding partners.

Wirefame Series
Best practices — construct an initial wireframe sequence to investigate IA patterns + fuel interdepartmental stakeholder conversations.

Pen and Ink
My artistic training instilled a love of traditional visual arts media, but especially for sketchy pencil drawings on heavy toothy paper.

Illustration Award : Biotech Bay
Presented detailed design proposals to win the Illustration Award and an opportunity to further develop original Biotech Bay branding imagery.

Color Saturation—An Exploration of Color Interactivity and Tone
As Colorist I developed a proprietary color saturation technique exploring the color interactivity and dynamics in a series of oil paintings.

Traditional Media
A very brief review my historical graphics industry experience, producing magazine comps, display ads, brochures — old world classics of promotional media.

NOTE : All trademarks, registered trademarks, service marks, logos and imagery are the property of their respective owners. NOTE : *Flash animations are no longer in use due to frequent browser incompatibilities. NOTE : CSS Grid Layout fallback structural strategy—in progress for noncompliant browsers, priority = low based on user metrics.