In my case, it's a flexible fluid fine line between creative work and technical development. If it's on this page I had my hands in the markup and coding development more so than visual design.

MLA Creative Group. Web. Design. Develop.
Responsive site built from scratch, verified in device ranch testing. Informed by user analytics to guide design decisions. Leveraging SASS strategy for process efficiency.

When you and your team successfully convert desktop services to mobile.

Rapsheets - Criminal Records
This software-as-a-service startup property skyrocketed in value after I built a smart and easy-to-use UI for the general public to leverage an existing big-data engine.

Master Artist Karen E Joyce
Promotional stepping stone to lifetime membership in the Florence Biennale — a Master Artist's showcase of purely visual content.

Riverbottom Farm
Dave had me build the initial online presence for his Riverbottom Farm organic produce business.


The E-biz Solutions Director hired me for a fast-moving collaboration to expand the web based internal communications network.

FedEx Express
Contract engagement to develop world class International Trade tools. Phase 1 exploring and establishing requirements. Phase 2 live site.

 PIC Global Infrastructure
Contract collaboration to help define, build and deploy a worldwide intranet-extranet — tech support for rapidly expanding field operations.

 Corky's BBQ
Coordinated construction of the original online store and helped craft the sales message.

 Internet Solutions
January 1997 — first opportunity to explore visual design in this new world + tasked to inhabit many of the roles required in an uncharted and rapidly expanding industry.

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