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DEVELOP : highlights from my markup and coding projects over 20 years. NOTE : small image sizes are used to protect intellectual property rights—a selection of full size PORTFOLIO samples can be available in person at interview.

MLA Creative Group. Design. Develop.
Professional website written from scratch as responsive design leverages extensive Media query definitions, CSS Grid layouts, SASS strategy, all successfully tested for hundreds of device platforms.

A functional prototype — translating mockups-to-code — convert legacy desktop apps for mobile access.

Rapsheets - Criminal Records
Built the web interface for this vital SaaS product, facilitating a dramatic revenue spike and acquisition appeal — company sold 6 months later.

Business to Consumer portal
Implement this complete B2C interface upgrade to coordinate with a major branding initiative.

Deluxe Technicolor
Streamline the user experience + implement a markup design system easily adopted by engineers.

FedEx Express
Code, test and refine the original clickthrough prototype that would become the FedEx® Global Trade Manager system.

Business to Consumer portal
Complete branding upgrade and codebase reconstruction on this red hot e‑commerce property.

Implement a full presentation layer branding + UX upgrade — to provide users a more intuitive experience.

Business-to-Consumer portal
Built the Elite® release candidate — ready for sales to the public.

Barbie Collector e-commerce site
Complete branding upgrade and codebase reconstruction — this extended team collaboration won the e-commerce WebAward.

VMS Retirement Revolution
Restructure the presentation layer codebase as a series of co-branding templates for use in cooperative business partnerships.

Business-to-Business portal
Maximizing profit with a B2B / B2C sales portal — a tight collaboration with corporate marketing.

Master Artist Karen E Joyce
Promotional stepping stone to lifetime membership in the Florence Biennale — a Master Artist's showcase of purely visual content.

Riverbottom Farm
Dave asked me to shoot photos, write copy and build the initial online presence for his Riverbottom Farm organic produce business.


The E-biz Solutions Director hired me for a fast-moving collaboration to expand the web based internal communications network.

 PIC Global Infrastructure
Contract collaboration to help define, build and deploy a worldwide intranet-extranet — tech support for rapidly expanding field operations.

 Corky's BBQ
Coordinated construction of the original online store after helping craft the sales message.

Internet Solutions
January 1997 — first opportunity to develop visual design in this new world + tasked to inhabit many of the roles required in an uncharted and rapidly expanding industry.

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