Web Designer – HTML5 Developer

Designing and customizing corporate websites and systems to achieve business objectives.

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“My success is driven by my ability to provide technical development along with core creative design.”

Creative, progressive and adaptable Web Designer and Front-End Developer with extensive experience designing, building and optimizing websites and systems. Full cycle acumen including planning, designing, testing, deployment and maintenance with a strong record of success serving employers and clients in B2B and B2C settings across industries.

Develops visually-appealing and user-friendly interfaces with clear navigation. Customizes static and dynamic presentation layer code to meet style standards and branding requirements on .Net / C#, PHP, Angular, UI Bootstrap, jQuery Mobile, iOS and Android platforms.

Maintains keen pulse on emerging technology, design trends and user-centered design techniques. Adept at bridging the gap from Marketing’s content and branding initiatives to web design to technical implementation, through cross-functional collaboration.

My success is driven by my ability to provide technical development and creative design, my focus on details, my work ethic and my relational nature. I’m also highly adaptable, which allows me to successfully manage a wide variety of projects with diverse considerations.

I can be counted on to design, develop and modify captivating websites and systems that achieve business objectives.

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