Web Interface Specialist
Critical Contributor on Complex Web Systems

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HTML5, CSS3, Web Graphics, Copywriting, UX‑UI
  • Expert client‑side design + development
  • Multi platform
  • Meticulous attention to detail
  • Strong communication skills
  • World-class work ethic
  • Disciplined, independent thinker
  • Seasoned collaborator
Let’s build something.

Clients and Employers


Web Design+Development Specialist

Full site reconstruction for improved UX‑UI including imagery, web copy, and code. Responsive Design completely from scratch.

Content | web copy - Completely rewritten with improved links to portfolio samples and to clarify project involvement. Content | graphics elements - Original branding & icon SVGs were constructed then manually optimized in code, ARIA compliant. Bitmaps : adorable new illustrations were created. Bitmaps : legacy images were reconstructed for visual quality. All bitmaps optimized by quantization to 8-bit indexed color. Pending : strategic image sprites, v.2+ branding upgrade, more illustrations.

Markup | Home page - Art directed media query layout, loads 1/29 versions of the main illustration to accommodate infinite platforms on response. Markup | Design and Develop - Reconstructed based on a simple fluid CSS Grid Layout structure. Markup | Résumé page - Redesigned to support the primary user focus on document download requests.

Extensive cross-platform device ranch testing.

HTML5, CSS3, SASS, UX‑UI, Javascript, PNG-SVG Graphics, Copywriting, Modernizr, Affinity Designer, Photoshop, Affinity Photo, Sublime Text 3, BrowserStack, Mouseflow, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Edge, Smartphone, Tablet, Desktop, iOS8+, Android4.3+.

Deluxe Technicolor

Web Interface Specialist – UX‑UI Designer Developer

A compact and smartly aggressive Web Systems Development unit with startup mentality, brought me in as lead visual designer and front end coder on a major upgrade for existing Studio–Cinema pubic portal sites.

Initial role : create, evangelize and implement, a fully restructured user experience strategy, to super‑simplify critical ordering process pathways. My development cycles included a redesigned look and feel, an upgrade on presentation layer codebase to HTML5 CSS3, and included all PNG‑SVG graphic elements.

Extended role : imagine, mockup, spec and build, a user centric front end across multiple properties, to support real world customer workflow requirements. I designed wireframe task‑flow documents, hi res mockups and continuously collaborated with internal teams to develop front end markup and graphic elements — as well as customizing front end and middleware developer code — to provide dynamically generated user presentations by leveraging a monstrous data engine.

HTML5, CSS3, SASS, UX‑UI, PNG-SVG Graphics, Copywriting, ASPX.NET/C#, VSS, jQuery, jQuery Mobile, Bootstrap, Angular, UI Bootstrap, Balsamiq Mockups, Modernizr, Photoshop, Illustrator, Mouseflow, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, IE, Smartphone, Tablet, Desktop, iOS, Android, Agile Dev‑Prod Environment.

Vertical Management Systems

Web Interface Developer

Critical contributor on a small team — we converted a general purpose financial services data engine and front end, to an extensible multi‑client co‑branding model. Our presentation layer project — I won't say easily, but very successfully — met and exceeded all of the tight production deadlines, usability requirements and aesthetic considerations.

Smallish local company. Trusted, ambitious and innovating for over a generation. A lot of fun to work here.

XHTML, CSS, CSS3, jQuery, jQuery UI, DHTML, ASPX.NET/C#, Visual Studio, BeyondCompare, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, IE.

Fresh Air El Segundo

Web Interface Designer Developer – Creative Director

Producer and developer — initial concept, construction, launch and management of this community information microsite. Written in HTML5 CSS3, it's an elegant responsive design, based on mobile first strategy — a single codebase runs successfully on multiple platforms from smartphone to tablet to desktop.

Creative Content : developed all web copy and visual content — working through research, interviews, photography, then construction of the branding graphics and print media.

Technical Development : defined the presentation model, information flow and appropriate site structure models, based on research into current best practices. Then implemented state of the art markup and coding strategies to accomplish responsive design.

HTML5, CSS3, Mobile‑first Responsive Design, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, Copywriting, Final Cut Studio, Google Analytics, Facebook, Twitter, Smartphone, iPad, Desktop, Filezilla, WebKit, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, IE.


Lead Web Interface Developer

Contract re‑hire, by the same Producer as before — with me as the lead contributor in a markup and codebase upgrade — we rebranded the Hot Wheels Collectors e‑commerce site.

I coordinated communications and the final development cycle with tasks including : IA review; assets inventory; semantic markup restructuring strategy across the site — and most importantly, implementation of the presentation layer branding updates. For that I delivered all markup and graphics revisions for any front end or middleware code, system templates or stored procedures that would have an impact up front.

HTML, XHTML, DHTML, PHP, CSS, JavaScript, ASPX.NET/C#, Visual Studio, PL/SQL, jQuery, BeyondCompare, Google Analytics, IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome.

PB Systems Inc

Lead Web Interface Developer

Creative coordinator in collaboration with critical client teams. Primary site strategist. My development involvement included usability based site design, markup design and development for master and individual pages, static graphics and Flash animations. Also, team lead to the offshore engineering staff for interface design and functionality development.

The prototype site we created for this new client in the international arena — representing a complex, combined e‑commerce and content management system — was highly functional immediately and made exactly the right impression — we solidified professional friendships and opened the door for a lot of additional business.

XHTML, DHTML, CSS, JavaScript, Photoshop, Flash, Illustrator, jQuery, Copywriting, Google Analytics, Adobe Acrobat, ASPX.NET/C#, Visual Studio, HomeSite, Dreamweaver, Visio, GoToMeeting, Filezilla, IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome.


Senior Web Interface Developer

As front end specialist I quickly became the primary interface designer developer, reconstructing Hot Wheels Collectors and Barbie Collector e‑commerce sites. There was constant collaboration with internal teams on major revisions and codebase upgrades, to accomplish branding enhancements, cross‑browser compatibility and compliance with web standards and best practices.

I developed a role of operational liaison‑collaborator among the programming, visual design and web copywriting development groups. Was also a critical contributor on new site features, promotional modules within existing sites, and even tossed in some Flash interactivity scripting.

I also supported fast‑paced weekly content maintenance and email promotions, to insure ongoing success for these two primary e‑commerce sites, generating over $20 million annually in combined revenues.

WebAward : Web Marketing Association's WebAward winner — BarbieCollector.com site.

HTML, XHTML, DHTML, CSS, JavaScript, Photoshop, Flash, Illustrator, Premier, Sound Forge, ASPX.NET/C#, Visual Studio, VSS, HomeSite, WebTrends, On2 VP6 Pro, Sorenson Squeeze, OpenCube, Acrobat, IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera.


Web Designer Developer

Collaborated with the marketing and technical staff to develop 3rd generation website interface design. Main considerations? Information architecture and usability improvements, plus a full upgrade to presentation layer markup including conversion of all page layouts to CSS.

HTML, DHTML, CSS, Photoshop, Illustrator, Homesite, IE, Firefox.

Wurzburg, Inc

Web Designer Developer – Creative Content Developer

A strategic collaboration with business–marketing–technical staff to develop interface design for the new business-to-consumer e‑commerce module.

Further collaboration with marketing–technical staff to develop a 2nd‑gen interface for the corporate portal. Information architecture, presentation strategy and website prototypes were based on interviews with primary business stakeholders and sales strategists.

Providing essential presentation layer web design development service including markup, art direction, 2D graphics, copywriting, Flash animation, ad banners, HTML email design and original photography — I lobbied for and developed within a user‑centered design strategy.

HTML, DHTML, CSS, JavaScript, Photoshop, Flash, Illustrator, Copywriting, XML, ASPX.NET/C#, Visual Studio, VSS, HomeSite, OpenCube, IE, Firefox, Netscape.

The Daily News

Web Designer – Creative Content Developer

Joined a vital and vigorous collaboration with the publisher and technical staff — for rapid development of the site module prototype and initial web interface, for two new business‑to‑consumer products. I provided essential presentation layer web design service, including web copywriting, markup, coding and graphic elements creation.

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Photoshop, Illustrator, HomeSite, IE, Netscape.


Web Interface Designer – Creative Content Developer

Work on one exclusively vital product : re‑designed the look and feel; re‑wrote the web copy; re‑coded the page layouts — based on extensive discussions with key stakeholders. This new user centered b2c web interface allows a complex backend big data system to run easily and especially comfortably, in the hands of the general public.

Development cycle : medium fidelity flow‑through mockups; production of all presentation layer markup and graphic components; a visual design specification for current and future web products.

We maintained a very efficient and timely build cycle — the product launched successfully — revenues spiked in the first two months — the company was successfully sold in less than a year. Wish I'd gotten stock options on that one.

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat, Web Copywriting, HomeSite, ASPX.NET/C#, Visual Studio, VSS, IE, Netscape.

RiverBottom Farm

Web Designer – AE – Information Architect – Creative Content Developer

Conducted extensive interviews with the client; analyzed communications needs; defined focal points in the message; structured the website information flow; designed the overall look and feel; captured visual content with original photography; coded and deployed the site; engaged web analytics service to monitor visitor activity — all accomplished over multiple development cycles.

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Photoshop, Illustrator, Web Copywriting, HomeSite, IE, Netscape.


Web Designer Developer – Site Architect

Designed and implemented a visual and information architecture upgrade. Managed the digital capture of raw content and performed the corrective imaging required to reclaim legacy, analog subject materials. Designed the object‑oriented architecture, based in HTML, structured in JavaScript objects and external CSS — wrote, tested and installed all web source code.

HTML, DHTML, CSS, JavaScript, Photoshop, Flash, Illustrator, HomeSite, IE, Netscape.

Medtronic Sofamor Danek

Web Designer Developer

Contributing developer, eBiz Solutions division — hired by the Director I worked with at FedEx.

Collaborated on source code and web graphics for a secure and private, wide area intra-extranet system. Designed, tested and deployed static and dynamic content. Supported staff PHP programmers developing frontend and middleware dynamic output. Delivered forms-rich template components. Collaborated on coding strategy and techniques, to generate alternative, reduced‑load, dynamic content for users on low‑bandwidth PDAs.

PHP, HTML, DHTML, CSS, JavaScript, PhotoShop, Dreamweaver, HomeSite, eGrail CMS, Acrobat, IE, Netscape, Palm.

Art & Logic

Web Designer Developer

Developed user interface prototypes for web-based, embedded-system, device management applications — in the creation and development of virtual hardware control systems.

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PhotoShop, Illustrator, HomeSite, FirstClass, IE, Netscape.


Web Interface Developer

Goal — give any business the tools it needs to easily DIY international shipping transactions. Wow — and this was, an intense collaboration among corporate stakeholders from business, marketing and web development departments.

I designed, coded and tested. I acted as coordinating liaison with third‑party vendors. I supported C++ and PERL programmers in front‑end development, including customization of middleware source code. I contributed optimized web graphics, animations and icons. I was also tasked to refine architecture, navigation and page layouts based on informal usability testing.

Big success — the result of all the productive commotion — an easy to use, data and documents based, forms‑rich user interface, that became today's FedEx® Global Trade Manager.

HTML, CSS, DHTML, C++, JavaScript, PhotoShop, Illustrator, HomeSite, Dreamweaver, Teamsite CMS, Acrobat, gifAnimator, WebRazor, IE‑Netscape‑AOL‑UNIX browsers.


Web Designer – Business Analyst – Information Architect

Co‑directed development efforts and collaborated to create and implement a worldwide intra‑extranet system. Coordinated communication and motivated the business community to formally define functional requirements. Trained non‑technical staff members in basic web design and construction, usability technique and simple development tools.

HTML, CSS, SQL, ColdFusion–CF Studio, Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, FrontPage, IE, Netscape.

Internet Solutions

Web Designer – Account Manager

Designed, produced and deployed cleanly coded, large and small scale commercial and non‑profit web sites. Provided creative direction; acted as marketing liaison for sales support; consulted with clients to gather, develop and finalize design specifications; managed freelancer talent.

Developed innovative website design; constructed animations and ad banners; generated Perl CGI scripts using automated development tools; collaborated on customized e‑commerce shopping carts and point‑of‑purchase marketing systems.

HTML, DHTML, CSS, Perl, GCI, Photoshop, CorelDraw, gif Animator, Illustrator, Copywriting, HTML Pro, IE, Netscape.

Skills and Tools

Responsive Design, 
Vector Design, 
SVG-PNG Graphics, 
Affinity Designer, 
Affinity Photo, 
Web Copywriting, 
SublimeText 3, 
Visual Studio, 
jQuery Mobile, 
UI Bootstrap, 
Balsamiq Mockups, 
Google Analytics, 
Web Best Practices, 
Edge no longer IE, 
Home base in LA. 
Since 1997 


Computer Learning Center

San Francisco

Study of programming methodologies and skills.

Rhode Island School of Design


Audit study advanced painting and illustration.

University of Wisconsin


General study — the elements, style, and practice of visual design in the fine arts, communications and education.


Web Marketing Association

2007 WebAward — Mattel Brands Online

My part in this collaborative team effort was to design and implement the new presentation layer page model design, for the winning BarbieCollector.com site.

Illustration Award

Biotech Bay — Synergistic Design of San Francisco

My successful creative partnership, in presentation of a complex set of design proposals, won the top‑dollar award and the opportunity to develop original Biotech Bay flagship promotional imagery.